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dead journal.

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old journal.
a perfect circle, absinthe, acid bath, advertising, aesthetics, ani difranco, anne rice, apple computers, arab strap, arizona state university, art of seduction, at the drive-in, barsuk, bauhaus, beauty, belladonna, black hair, blue eyes, body massage, books, brandon lee, brian molko, bright eyes, calla, chaos, chess, clocks, coffee, coheed and cambria, colour theory, computers, conor oberst, cosmetology, cursive, daggers, dante alighieri, danzig, death cab for cutie, deftones, desaparecidos, designiskinky, deviant art, discordianism, donnie darko, e.a. poe, eris, eyeliner, fashion, fight club, finch, fischerspooner, french, freud, german, god-shaped hole, graphic design, h.r. giger, hot hot heat, html, iain banks, illustration, independent films, indie, insanity, johnny depp, joy division, jupiter blue, kama sutra, kill hannah, kind of like spitting, knives, m. derry, macromedia studio mx, marilyn manson, mark ryden, martial arts, mesh, mindless self indulgence, neil gaiman, nietzche, nine inch nails, noise ratchet, othello, our lady peace, painting, photography, photoshop, pi, piano, placebo, poets, praystation, principia discordia, project pitchfork, promotion, psychology, q and not u, r.a. wilson, radiohead, rain, reading, religion, requiem for a dream, robert greene, saddle creek, serial killers, sewing, sex, snakes, stabbing westward, steep tea, taking back sunday, tattoos, tetris, the crow, the cure, the dreaming, the faint, the good life, the mars volta, the velvet teen, the wasp factory, the white octave, thrift stores, thursday, tim kasher, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, typography, vampires, vast, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, water, will haven, writers, wumpscut, yoga, you, zeromancer